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Happy Mother's Day!!!
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May 11, 2014

Marzycards Cake - Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day from © Marzycards 2006 - 2014. GrandeMARK Contest Entry : Special Occasion Cake Gift Box. Entirely handmade, nothing plugged in!! Luxury 100% wool felt, 100% cotton, hand sewn, lined, beaded, stamped and embellished box. Even the metal tag was made from scratch. Takes longer, however, at least it remains double-sided. Hand stamped letters were replaced with "Mom"! or just add a name for a Birthday Party. Nothing worse than cutting fiddly felt, and so I chose something awkward to cut for this year's Challenge too. If you peep at the luxury card version, both shapes are the same, even using different materials. Another good reason to die cut!! and another way to celebrate a Special Day. Gift box content and a few surprises coming soon! See AccuCut GrandeMARK Challenge for more views and full Marzycards 2014 Occasion Cake Box Contest Entry and Details!! See HERE Thanks for looking!!