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Apr 23, 2011

©1514 Vinegar and Brown Paper Project

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Copyright © 2006 - 2011 Marzycards. All rights reserved. © 9616. Handmade, hand sewn book. Created from scratch with more brown paper used than vinegar. More folding cutting and sewing than you might care for, but a fun project all the same. Tip: Handmade books look daunting, however, they are definitely worth a try. This was a fun up-cycled project, completed in time for Earth Day. White binder's thread or a waxed cotton can be used for sewing. As this was my first attempt and it's Easter, I used yellow, cotton embroidery thread instead. Also thought that if you go to all that trouble to sew something by hand, then, the spine should be displayed. Usually all of this detail remains hidden, but I chose to show it!! Thanks for looking and Happy Easter!!

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