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May 20, 2010

© 9602 Bags and Shoes

© 9602 Bags and Shoes
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Copyright © 2010 Marzycards. Custom handmade Marzybags by Marzycards with a vintage inspired travel theme. 3D purse favors / gift boxes were made with luxury linen card and fine Italian laid papers.

Shoe inspiration was "Nice paper packages tied up with string ...."
... and we know or can hum all the rest.
Non-Marzycards shoe shape used. Made of brown paper with a splash of balsamic. Shoe shape ©Ellen Hutson.
Still working on the matching high heel shoes... Luxury shoes coming very soon... Absolutely excited about the new Bags and Shoes! Hope you enjoy them too!! All shapes are copyrighted. ©9602

Copyright Marzycards.