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Nov 12, 2009

© Map Envelope How Tos

©8122, originally uploaded by marzycards.

Copyright © Marzycards. All rights reserved. Custom Handmade Envelopes. © 8122. Envelopes don't have to be "pointy", or boring for that matter. Why not try different shaped flaps? I cut this one entirely by hand. Yes, freehand circles are hard to cut, though it's fun to try. Turn your paper as you go, and NOT your scissors! I wanted this one to be fun and so I added button and string ties to it. Don't forget your eyelets! Remember, those tiny metal bits for the center or each round button! It gives a neat finish to your work and your can add them in contrasting colors.
This envelope is made with luxe map paper and so it's acid free and lignin free etc. When making sets of envelopes, always use acid free and lignin free papers so that your envelopes will last over time. I'm pretty sure that the recipient will keep it! If I'm drafting and crafting something quick and temporary then I'll upcycle a grocery bag! If you've never made envelopes before or just want to try it out, risk FREE, this is a good way to check that your template works.
ps I deliberately made the first envelope from simple brown paper, so that there was no pressure to make it perfect and I do hope that you'll try and make some too! or get a few ideas, especially if it's your first time!!! Keep it simple with squared flaps first, then round flaps, then try out button and string things!!

Hope this helps as you start making your holiday envelopes too!
More Holiday Luxe cards coming soon .... Copyright Marzycards. How Tos are for Personal Use ONLY and may not be copied or reproduced for any Commercial Use.