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Oct 28, 2008

Flight of...

My swarm of bees, originally uploaded by areneetay.

...the Bumble-bee!!!

"Swarm of Bees" Photo Copyright 2008 Areneetay is used with permission of Areneetay.

Every so often something make me really smile. This bumble-bee is one of them.

I try to think of things to keep Little Ones entertained, mainly to not encounter that: "So what else have you got?" or "What else can you do?" look on their little faces.

This little bumble-bee, which is not so lttle at all, caught my eye.
I quickly asked it's designer and owner, Areneetay, for the How Tos and she happily said yes!!

Loved the details and clever use of chenille sticks, which even when armed with a specialized craft book, I have never managed to get my bees to look as full and fluffy!

So bearing that in mind, I was pleased to know that I could follow Areneetay's instructions and will be able to rustle up a super bumble-bee, should I need one on the fly ,(yes, really sorry about that), so to speak!!

Thanks for looking and more How Tos coming soon.

Love this bee to go on top of one of some of my shoes to dress them up for Halloween!!