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Nov 24, 2007

© Fall Wreath Copyright Marzycards

Fall Wreath, originally uploaded by marzycards.

Fun to make. Handmade by Marzycards. Made with supplies from Paper Source "Fall Wreath Leaf Kit". Photo is copyright Marzycards and MAY NOT BE USED or Reproduced without the Sole Express Permission of Marzycards. Permission has not been given to ANY website to use this. Should you see this photo anywhere else - it's use is illegal, and the site owner has been notified.

I handmade this wreath from scratch. I loved the P.S. rich fall colors! It was fun to make, but no easy task. Each leaf is individually glued, then wired in order to complete the wreath. There are LOTS of leaves in the Kit! I am not usually that patient, as I like fairly fast results, however, by the time I was finished and saw the results, I believe it is worth being a bit patient to complete it!!
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